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Frequently Asked Questions

The Harry Redford Cattle is a "no frills, plenty of thrills" authentic Outback Adventure where you experience the life of a drover first hand. You ride with the cattle and camp not far away from the herd. Your meals are a la carte – camp oven style and you eat them around the campfire while you soak up the camaraderie.

Getting to the drive

Q How much does it cost?
The daily rate for the 2014 Harry Redford Cattle Drive are as follows:

  • Adults: $360 per person per day
  • Children under 16: $330 per person per day

Q How many places are available each day?
A limit of 20 places are available each day so book early to avoid disappointment.

Q What do I have to bring with me?
You will need to bring your own:

  • Swag, blankets/sleeping bag
  • Clothes
  • Riding helmet/hat
  • Torch
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle
  • Money

What is a swag?
A swag consists of a canvas or waterproof cover, mattress, blankets, sleeping bag and pillow.

Q Can I hire a swag? Yes! Swags are available for hire through the Barcaldine Regional Council. Limited numbers are available so if you require swag hire please arrange this at the time of booking. Charges apply.

Q How far do we travel each day?
Each day is a different day on the Drive and how far you travel is dependent on the Boss Drover. On an average between 10 and 18 kilometres are travelled each day.

Q How do I get to Aramac? How do I get to the camp?
You can drive to Aramac if you choose and we will store your vehicle while you are on the drive. Once your car is stored, we will personally take you to the where the Drovers are camped. If you wish to fly, catch a bus or train then all of these services operate to Barcaldine and Longreach. Once at either of these two towns, we will collect you and take you to the Camp. Please see the section on HOW TO GET TO ARAMAC for further details on arrival and departure points


  • A droving experience of a lifetime
  • Beautiful camp oven cooked meals
  • Camaraderie around the campfire
  • Days in the saddle
  • Nights under the stars
  • Great times on the weekends

Q Do I have to go on the entire drive or can I choose my days?
If you want to go on the entire drive, that is your choice, but you must ride for a minimum of three days. In the first week of the Drive a 6 day minimum applies.

Q Can you drink on the trip?
Yes! Beer, softdrink and wine is available for purchase. Anyone wishing to drink spirits needs to provide their own.

Q How do I pay for my alcohol on the trip?
All alcohol or soft drinks are to be paid for at the end of the drive, before you leave Aramac. A docket book will be provided in the camp for you to record all of your purchases. This is to be torn off and given along with money owing to the person who is taking you back to your departure point.

Q Where do I get Harry Redford Merchandise from?
Harry Redford Merchandise will be available each afternoon at the camp (time permitting). It is also available at the Barcaldine Regional Council Aramac Office or the Harry Redford Interpretive Gallery. COMING SOON: Merchandise available to purchase online!

Q What toilet facilities are available?
A bush toilet is provided and is enclosed for privacy.

Q Can I bring my own horse?
The drive organisers don’t have a problem with this. A discount of $30 per day applies in the event that you bring your own horse. However, your own horse is your responsibility.

Q Do I need to provide saddles and tack?
No. This is included as part of the cost.