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2014 Harry Redford

Cattle Drive

Please note the website is no longer taking bookings as we are FULLY booked for the 2014 Cattle Drive.

G´day and Welcome to Harry Redford Cattle Drive

With wide-open rolling plains, natural lakes, and a sky that stretches from one horizon to the other - spectacular by day and glowing with stars by night. A land with some of the oldest geology on the planet; it´s a vast, uncompromising land that turns everyday battlers into heroes and legends. To visit here is to experience the vastness of Queensland Outback.

Welcome to the 2014 Harry Redford Cattle Drive, the ultimate, authentic, true blue, fair dinkum Aussie outback experience. Over 19 unforgettable, spectacular days, some of Australia´s most experienced drovers will drive approximately 600 head of cattle by horseback through the twists of the rugged Redford trail, reliving one of the world´s greatest cattle duffing drives known to man.

Cattle Drive Tours

The journey covers 200 km of the most distinctive terrain and you can be right there in the saddle alongside them discovering the secrets of horsemanship and droving knowledge passed on from generation to generation. Witness the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, listen to or join in with the campfire yarn spinning and celebrate with the Aramac and Muttaburra communities at their weekend festivities.

Every night you will camp under the stars, where you will experience some unique Australian camp oven cooking and a wonderful social atmosphere. Experienced riders, weekend riders and people who have never ridden are welcome. This is a journey that anyone can undertake; all you need is the spirit of adventure.

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A true Aussie bush experience! An opportunity to share camp and daily life on a traditional Australian droving plant with fellow adventurers. Great people and superbly organised.

Mal Cook

Nothing compares to this Outback experience. Great people, fantastic sunsets and so many stars. Relaxing days, making new friends and learning to love the land and your horse of course!

Wendy Detlefsen